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Marketing automation has injected a hefty zap of ZING into the time-worn process of pushing out news to harried press pros.

OK, it never hurts to have a great story, a new way of looking at something, and a good old-fashioned scoop will always have legs – and press releases still have to be written.


Now it’s HOW this news is broadcast that has undergone a big, re-energising rethink

How to make your PR shine online – the basics
In two words: Social Media – Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Every platform is your gateway to creating an outstanding online presence and an effective news loop geared to reap remarkable results. Better than bugging overloaded editors, that’s for sure. And it’s FREE!

For example:
Our client, Stannah Lifts, has been in business for nearly 150 years. We’ve handled their marketing for 30 years, playing a contributory part (we like to think) in their success as a leading UK manufacturer/ supplier / servicer of passenger lifts, platform lifts, goods and service lifts, bespoke lifts / lift refurbishment and servicing.

This marketing has progressed from traditional outbound marketing – finding customers using advertising, design, PR, telemarketing, etc. to inbound marketing – helping customers find you. In a digital nutshell: same tools – different distribution channels.

We now push Stannah’s PR to an even greater audience using proven Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The result:
Press releases are published on the Stannah website, followed by tempting, strategically timed news-bites on Stannah’s Social Media profiles. Let the PR domino-roll begin!…

• These tempters generate click-throughs to the website news piece, helping to keep Stannah’s front-page ranking on Google.

• Further interest encourages visitors to register their details – the leads for Stannah salesmen to chase.

• Free information is available to download – case studies, information, drawings, etc.

• The whole process increases lead conversion rates and, ultimately, those all-important sales.

• Happy customers come back to Stannah for future lift requirements. Get it right and it’s a closed marketing loop

There are some dos and don’ts involved in this online PR process, including:
Identifying what’s truly newsworthy (less than you may think)
Appropriate language
Judicious use of jargon / hyperbole

Why not find out more? We can help you shine online, too. Let’s Talk!

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