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Lots to Crow About –  and it didn't take long!

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What was that we said in our shameless Big Boasty Yule Blog 2016 about it not being long until we have something to crow about in 2017 –  the Chinese Year of the Rooster?

19 days into the New Year and look at the golden egg handed to us by our client Stannah Lifts' marketing manager:

"Please extend my thanks to all your staff for all their hard work and effort in 2016. We had a lot of projects to get to grips with last year and we really couldn't have done it without your fabulous support. We tackled a lot, nothing slipped too much and we met the marketing targets in nearly all areas. Thank you."

Quite the feather in our cap, ah say, feather in our cap –  to quote another big, boasty rooster.

That's all folks! 

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