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Copywriting counts - it pays to chews carefully...

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Why? Because bloopers are bad for your brand – your sales.

Whether you believe English to be evolving or devolving, spelling and grammar matter when it comes to credibility and making your marketing work.

We all enjoy bloopers. Boy, don’t they lighten the day – and long may they live! But they have no place when it comes to your brand and your street cred, unless deliberate, of course; and then they are not bloopers but tools to highlight a point. Constructive mischief. Productive devilment. Memorable for the right reason.

Well-crafted copy is crucial. Targeted, strategic, accountable, it plays a powerful part in any marketing master plan.

Today’s copywriting/content writing is internet-savvy, straddling traditional outbound and digital inbound marketing platforms. This brave new world throws open the vast portal of social media: web, blogs, podcasts et al – funnelling these free-advertising streams into a single sales-pipeline geared to:

  • attract interest
  • generate leads
  • compel conversions
  • encourage repeat business
  • maximize sales

Inbound marketing attracts business. It crafts a net of interesting content, casts this net across the limitless ocean of the internet (how’s this for reach?), filters response, nurtures relationships – you know how it goes.

Outbound marketing is a complementary tactic relying on traditional marketing muscle such as direct mail, flyers, press advertising, telemarketing, etc.

Why use one marketing sales-way when there are two, bringing bigger results more quickly.

Here’s what the MD of product development consultants, empath-e, has to say about bandv copywriting:


Phonetic spelling may yet swamp us. Until then, when it comes to copywriting, chews carefully – your brand depends on it…

Come on – let’s talk!

P.S. What was that about street cred? Full story here.



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