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bandv speaks at Solent HUG - an Inbound Marketing hotspot

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Solent HUG.png

If you want to learn how to transform your business using the powerful tools and tactics of Inbound Marketing then come along to the Solent HUG at the Orange Rooms in Southampton city centre on Wednesday, 7 December. 

Hot from the 4-day INBOUND 2016 convention in Boston, Massachusetts, our very own Ross Breckenridge will be there with first-hand advice based on personal experience: growing bandv into one of the first Gold-badged Hubspot partner agencies in the region.

Ross will open the meeting with an overview of recent developments in the world of inbound marketing and sales, looking into the challenges inbound marketers are facing today and share insights on how inbound sales and marketing will evolve in the future.

He will be joined by co-speakers, Bettina Horvath  and Stephen Bavister, both inbound marketing experts.

So if you want on-point inbound insight, you know where to come.

Ross and his fellow HUGgers look forward to meeting you!

Why not prep yourself first? Click the link below to arrange a no-strings chat about Inbound Marketing - can't hurt to have more than a toe in the door! 

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