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10 years @ bandv? It's diamonds for Helen Berners!

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Helen Berners 10 Years @ bandv Diamonds.jpg

At bandv we always appreciate and recognise the talents, loyalty and hard work of every team member.

So this is a shout-out for Helen Berners and her 10 years as a our Copywriter and PR Executive.

Hel (her sometimes  pseudonym) delivers effective, creative copy and public relations that help serve and grow our client portfolio.

MD, Colin Breckenridge, comments:

"Helen is an asset to the company. She combines original ideas and writing skills with the digital tools and tactics of inbound marketing. This lends considerable influence to our marketing solutions, helping to persuade people to buy products and/or services, or channelling their beliefs and actions.

"In particular, her support with our longstanding client, UK market leader Stannah Lifts, is invaluable, as is her significant creative input for StannahTalk, the magazine of world-leading Stannah Stairlifts."

Talking of which, Fiona Neil, Marketing Director of Stannah Lift Services Sales and Installations, has this to say:

"10 years – wow, I wonder how many words that add up to? Thanks so much for all your help on StannahTalk and here’s to the next 10!"

That’s 10 years of interpreting elusive briefs for diverse clients and markets, turning them into pioneering, profile-pushing, message-blazoning, money-spinning masterworks.

"My decade at bandv has been a wholly positive experience and quite the learning curve which is ongoing to keep pace with the roving digital landscape. They are a great team, easy to work with and helpful. Of course, it's also been 10 years of 'Manah Manah' every Friday afternoon on Radio 2. Every Friday.  For 10 years. It's tin for 10 years, isn't it?  I think I deserve diamonds!"

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